Los Alamos National (Nuclear Weapons) Laboratory Facility Protest
February 28, 2010


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Photographs copyright Preston Images

The bridge (to nowhere) going onto the property of Los Alamos National Laboratory. The protestors walked across the bridge and up the road to the area, just outside the entrance where the protest permit allowed us to be. This peaceful demonstration was hosted by the Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists, Catholic Worker House, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Dare To Dream Network, and The Bridge To Nowhere Founders, Barbara and Danny Williams were among the demonstrators. The gentleman holding the DTDN/TBTN sign made for this event is one of the Dare To Dream Network members, and a 2-hitch Korean-War veteran that experienced a Nuclear blast first hand at White Sands test site.

Click on photo-image above to see close-up on the LANL sign.