Solidarity Rally in Support of Workers and Unions in Wisconsin
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2-26-11
Early Arrivals Setting Setup -

This was shot about 10:30 am.. The rally's at 12 noon.
Folks who have information to share came early to set up.

This gentleman came early and was standing in his chosen spot
till the Rally began. He was there for quite a while.

This is us. Dare To Dream Network, the Bridge To Nowhere and Gene.
Gene's the vet we found in 89, living in deplorable conditions.

Another angle of our spot. For those unfamilair with Gene's story.
 Gene suffers with Reynards, skin problems & other problems
which is believed to stem from exposure at a White Sands 
test. He woke up in a hospital 3 days later.

This was another gentlman who came early to the Rally.

Some local fair and they were. Nice gentlemen.

More early arrivers.

The Governor of NM made an unexpected visit via 
someone, who's not a fan of the NM Governor.

These folks were certainly not fans of the Governor, they were protesting the large
sums of $$$ given to several very large corporations here.

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